BBC1 TV Appearance

In March 2011, the sibling duo, Mo and Shaon Talukder of Ideal Rooms were featured on the hit
BBC1 popular Property show, “Homes under the Hammer.”
BBC Homes under the Hammer – episode 88 (Wed 16th March 2011)

Part 1 -Homes Under the Hammer See the flat in it’s auction state and find out Mo and Shaon’s plans for it.

Part 2 -Homes Under the Hammer Complete refurbishment. Step inside for a tour!

Following Mo Talukder’s successful bid in a London auction in June 2010, the pair embarked on a
unique refurbishment of the property. The property featured many exclusive luxuries including a
steam room with TV, designer kitchen with glass worktop, blackboard walls and a marble LED lit
‘runway’ themed hallway designed by the duo.