How To Be A Londoner


That bizarre tribe of high energy, tea drinking, queue loving, apologising people – the Londoner.

The Ideal Rooms team have come up with a few helpful things to give you a better understanding of these folk and help you integrate into their clan:

Tea – Do not underestimate the power of a good British Cup of Tea. Taken with milk, with varying amounts of sugar and stewing, this steaming cup of brown liquid is a staple in the London diet. Do not deny a Brit a cuppa or they may get nasty. Also do not assume that making a cup of tea is easy, far from it, in fact there is a complicated and precise way to make the perfect cuppa. Grab a local and learn the skill.

Rain – We’d be lying if we said Londoners like the rain, more that we have become accustomed. Anoraks, wellies and umbrellas should not be forgotten, even if the skies are blue rain is still a high possibility. We also love to moan about the weather, always.

Salt and Vinegar – Visitors sometimes find it odd that we eat potato products (namely crisps and chips) covered in salt and vinegar. All we can say is try it and you’ll be converted for life.

The Queue – We love it! We jump at any opportunity to join a static line. Like queue moths, we’re drawn to people in standing in lines even if we don’t know what the queue is for.

A few important queuing tips:

Never push in. This is unfair and unreasonable and will not be accepted.

Occasionally you may let someone in front of you – but don’t make it a habit or people will start taking advantage.

Always stand in a straight line, even if you’re blocking something important, queue formation presides over all.

Do not swap queues even if the other one if going faster, in the end you’ll regret it.

Do not make eye-contact, speak or acknowledge other queuers. The queue is not the place for niceties.

Always arrive extra early to make time for queueing.

Queue, the way forward.

British Sense of Humour – We are the funniest people in the world. Not Ha Ha funny, more of a curl of the lip and an internal chuckle. Masters of Sarcasm, Innuendo and Wit, our subtle form of humour should not be taken seriously.

Queeny – Love the royals or loath them, the Queen with her perfect perm, corgis, the little wave and that Mona Lisa smile has become her own UK landmark.

Politeness – Apologising when you haven’t done anything wrong, talking in quiet tones and not showing any emotions are all tell-tale signs of a British person.

Marmite – A brown, salty, tar-like substance that we take on toast with butter. The advertising campaign is: you love it or you hate it. We (most of us) love it. Try it and let us know who you side with.

Shakespeare – The Bard is at the helm of our literary and cultural landscape. He is great and even better when staged. Check what’s on at beautiful Globe Theatre.

Beer – London loves a pint, ales in particular, and whatever the weather or situation the pub is our go-to watering spot. There are also micro-breweries popping up all over the city making some scrumptious things to slurp.

London Fashion – We dress flowers with biker boots, skinny jeans with beards and we’ve bred some of the most famous names in fashion. You don’t have to wait for London Fashion Week to see stylish people in this city.

We hope that these tips will be useful for your City Break.
We recommend you find and befriend a Londoner for some first-hand experience.